JustGolf App – Free On Course GPS!!! Includes VIP Card discounts

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The Golf VIP Card has started an exciting partnership with The JustGolf iPhone App. This amazing app allows you to have OnCourse GPS to all of your favorite Austin Courses for FREE via their iPhone App!! (Other features detailed below)


***Golf VIP Card discounts are also listed on the app to make it even easier to know where to save***

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Features of this amazing FREE iPhone App:

1. OnCourse GPS(Picture) – Find the exact distance to the green, that nemesis of a bunker, that tree off in the distance, etc. The great thing is you are in control of where you place the distance marker so you get the information best suited for your game.


2. Over 30 Austin Courses and Counting(Picture) – This App is focused purely on Austin Golf so you won’t have to sift through 30,000 courses when you only care about the ones you play locally.


3. Electronic Scorekeeping(Picture) – Keep track of you and your buddies scores right there on your iPhone w a scorecard that matches up with the course you are playing. At the end of the round you can even email, tweet, or facebook your scorecard to show off your skills. The scorecard can automatically keep track of the holes you get strokes on and your entire playing history will be kept on your phone so there will never be a dispute on who beat who a few weeks back.

4. List of Golf VIP Card Discounts(Picture) – All courses that offer a discount with the VIP Card are highlighted and give you specific information about that particular course’s discount. As discounts are added, your app will automatically be updated to reflect the changes.


5. One Touch Dialing and Directions(Picture) – See a course you want to play on the app but not sure where it is? With the app, simply select the course and touch the map for directions or tap the phone number for one touch dialing straight to the pro shop.

JustGolf App for Austin Golfers

What are you waiting for? Go to JustGolfApp.com to download this FREE app today!!!